Writer's Block: Study break
Various - Spanish NT
Im actually studying languages and linguistics with hopes to master Spanish and Italian one day and with higher hopes to work for the government like my father does.

Writer's Block: Googling Myself
Have you ever Googled yourself to see what other people can find out about you? If so, were you surprised at what turned up?

yeah but to only see if my settings on facebook worked, and they did. But there are a lot of women with my name that seem to be rich and famous in Australia. So I was like whatever, but she doesnt look like me so people who know me or see me wont be confused.

random thoughts, I am so emo sometimes
Ok this time I am going to talk about Tiger Woods but not just him, his family, mainly his children.

So not a lot of attention has been on the children, probably because they are so young. But I think later in life I think they would need help or some type of therapy or something like that. So everyone knows that Tiger Woods had cheated on his wife and entered into rehab. A lot of debate has come out on whether or not sex addiction is real. I believe it is real but I think it is a mental disease not a physical addiction. Just because it involves your body does not mean your body is addicted to it, your mentality is addicted to it; you believe that you can’t live without it; you believe that you need it. That sounds very mental to me not very

I know some of the downsides of mental diseases, especially sex addiction. I was told that porn addiction is considered a type of sex addiction. It’s a horrible mental disease.

It is embarrassing to admit that you are addicted to something, that your mentality is somewhat below others, that you no longer have any control over choices. It is so embarrassing but I believe it is worth it.
I have and still am in the shoes of Tiger Woods children, as well as others. I sometimes felt ashamed. It is very shameful to be a “cheater’s” offspring. You share half the same genetic DNA as the “playa”, or share some thoughts together, almost the same identity. It is embarrassing to be considered the offspring of a horrible person who cheated on their spouse, to be the offspring of a person who can’t admit their short fall, their addiction. His children along with me and other’s will always have to live with that, that you are a child of that person who either admitted and changed their life or got caught and did nothing about it. That behavior can be past down and cause a serious amount of damage. Cause pain to the children, stop a child’s mentally ability to grow and develop, cause of what they saw as a child. It has caused me pain and if someone says it doesn’t cause pain, then they are lying.

Sometimes I felt like I could never change myself because of my genetic DNA, my childhood and the way I looked at life. I sometimes felt like when everyone looked at me all they saw was “the cheater’s daughter” or “the sex addicts daughter” or “the porn stars daughter”. They never saw me, “Alicia” the catholic school girl, the girl who went to church nearly once a month in high school while her parent was online, achieving nothing. The parent was an addict who acted like they cared about their family but in the end that only cared about themselves. This parent ruined my life, my whole future and I will never forget that. May I forgive, I might have, I might will, it’s your choice of what you think I have done.

I also tried and will always try to stay away from those things even though it will always be at the house that I live in. But I am waiting to go to my real home, the kingdom, the best place ever. HEAVEN. This world is cold and ugly and so is the house that I live in. It has a billion evil things, many things that will draw me away from God. But I don’t want to be away from God. I want to be closer to God. So that is why now, I prefer to be with people who draw me closer to God. Because I am tired of wasting my time spending time with someone who denies God and pushed me away from God. I am so glad that I have met so many new wonderful people in my life that lead me closer to God and that’s what I prefer to be with and spend my time with, they are worth it. I love them and I love God.

I hope that children and family members of sex addicts and other addicts receive help. Addiction hurts everyone, whether you admit it or not. Believe I did not want to admit it, that I was hurt because of someone’s addiction but I was. I am now happier after receiving help. And I encourage others to get help, no matter how old you are, who the addict was, what the addict was addicted to. GO GET HELP!

That’s all I have to say

Writer's Block: Extra! Extra! Read All About It!
If there' s a breaking news story, do you check online for current details or do you turn on the radio or TV?
I always check the internet either on my phone on the go or when I am at home on my laptop

Eenie meenie
The following thought are from the song: Justin Bieber feat. Sean Kingston
Eenie Meenie.
I am indecisive
I seriously can’t decide, especially when it comes to what I want in my life, my love life, my future, my relationships with people.
I will always being looking from left to right, up and down, backwards and forwards.
When I look into people’s eyes I always try to figure what their problem is, who hurt them, what has hurt them, why?
I feel that everyone has a pain, but I am such a curious person, I want to know what the pain is, but for some reason I don’t apply what I already know. I would never tell anyone my pain so why should I expect to have anyone tell me their pain.
I have left people; I believe it’s in my genetics genes.
My great-grandmother left her husband and her children. Abandoned them
My other great-grandfather left his wife and children, so that he could all the fun he wanted, that’s why my mother refuses for me to be with Asians.
I always felt like I am genetically programmed to be a cheater, a liar and a player. When my family history tells me that. But I have the chance to change it. My parents didn’t really change it, they have left me behind but they always come back with apologizes.
I am sorry that I left; I have left many people in the dust. Mainly for no reason, my reason was … well I have no reason besides. “I didn’t want you anymore”. I didn’t have any reason to be near you. I wonder how it would feel if I saw these people again, what would they say to me. I am now in a place, where I can take criticism. I can take it.
For now on I will be honest, actually lately since the past year and half I have been very honest. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. If I don’t like you, I will tell you.
I don’t want to be an “eenie meenie miney mo lova”
But I believe I have been in the past, I am truly sorry about that.

Writer's Block: Is your goose (or tofu) cooked?
Are you planning to host Thanksgiving at your place or will you travel to see family and/or friends? Do you prefer a traditional menu or something entirely different?

I travel to whoever is holding a thanksgiving dinner sometimes to Napa, CA or just down the street or fifteen miles away, wherever there is family and food I am there. I like the traditional turkey with non traditional sides since I dont like most of them so, it depends.

Writer's Block: Going Without
Have you ever fasted or done a cleanse?
Yes but only for a medical procedure or for religious reasons = ( I am catholic we fast for only a couple of hours so it isnt that bad).

Writer's Block: Don't You Forget about Me
RIP John Hughes. In honor of the master of the teen movie, what is your favorite teen flick?
Mine is Breakfast Club

Writer's Block: Life Changes
What change have you made in your life that you're most proud of?
I know appreciate people more, I say I love you to my sister now more, I say love you before she leaves for school and when she comes home.


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